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Pac 12 Recruiting Rankings: Version 1.0

Coach Tara VanDerveer and the Stanford Cardinal have been surging forward on the court, and on the recruiting trail. VanDerveer and her staff will be bringing in four quality recruits from across the country … and Canada.

Here is a team-by-team look at the Pac 12 recruiting classes as ranked by the All Star Girls Report (individual rankings as of Version 1.0), along with comments from ASGR analyst Bret McCormick.

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  • No. 14   Maya Dodson, 6’2, PF., St. Francis HS, GA
  • No. 18   Kianna Williams, 5’7, PG., Wagner HS, TX
  • No. 107 Alyssa Jerome, 6’2, SG., Hatboro Collegiate Institute (CANADA)
  • No. 149 Estella Moschkau, 6’2, WF., Edgewood HS, WI
 McCormick: “This is a great class for Stanford. They have a Top 10 team this year, and this class will allow them to simply re-load. Dodson and Williams are two of the premier players in the country, and the other two are fundamentally sound players who will help.”

2- USC

  • No. 19  Ayanna Clark, 6’3, PF., Long Beach Poly HS, CA
  • No. 26  Destiny Littleton, 5’9, SG., The Bishop’s School, CA
  • No. 64  Shalexxus Aaron, 6’2, SG., MLK HS, WA
 McCormick: “Cynthia Cooper has really loaded up with this class. They are bringing in two tremendous recruits from Southern California, and Aaron is very talented. This is the type of class they need to compete for the Pac 12 title.”


  • No. 37  Chantel Horvat, 6’0, WF., Canberra, Australia
  • No. 38  Kayla Owens, 6’1, WF, Langham Creek HS, TX
  • No. 44  Lauryn Miller, 6’2, PF, Kirkwood HS, MO
McCormick: “They have a Top 10 team this year, and this group will keep them at that level. These are three very talented recruits.”


  • No. 30  Alaysia Styles, 6’2, WF., La Jolla Country Day HS, CA
  • No. 50  Kianna Smith, 5’11, SG., Troy HS, CA
McCormick: “Cal always does a great job recruiting, and they have a talented roster this year. These two California kids are both coming off of great summers. They are long, athletic, skilled kids who should make major contributions.”


  • No. 57   Taya Corosdale, 6’2, PF., Bothell HS, WA
  • No. 101 Aleah Goodman, 5’9, PG., LaSalle Prep, OR
  • No. 10 JC Joanna Grymek, 6’7, C., Seward County CC, KS
McCormick: “They lost a number of good players from last year, but they have an outstanding program in place. The two high school players are fundamentally sound, scoring kids who they love. Their staff does a great job with developing post players.”


  • No. 84   Natalie Romeo, 5’9, PG., Carondelet HS, CA (Transfer From Nebraska)
  • No. 103 Kierra Collier, 5’7, PG., Truman HS, KS
McCormick: “They are coming off a great year, and they still have Kelsey Plum, so they will be tough to beat again. This group has two good guards. Romeo is a proven player who can really shoot the ball, and this could be their backcourt of the future.”


  • No. 8     Courtney Ekmark, 6’0, SG., Home School, AZ (Transfer From UCONN)
  • No. 110 Eva Rubin, 6’5, C Homewood Flossmoor HS, (IL)
  • No. 188 Bre’Yanna Sanders 5’11, WF., Clovis West HS, CA
McCormick: “They have a lot of pieces back this year, so they will be very, very competitive. Ekmark is a player who should make a big splash. They are also adding a good post player with great height, and they use those players well. This class will keep them in the upper echelon of the Pac 12.”


  • No. 55    Samantha Thomas, 6’0, SG., Centennial HS, NV
  • No. 134  Mallory Vaughn, 6’4, C., Collinsville HS, OK
  • No. 196  Marlee Kyles, 5’7, PG., Larkin HS, IL
  • No. 321  Kiana Chew, 6’3, PF., Palm Harbor University, FL
McCormick: “Adia Barnes has put together a tremendous staff, and for a first-year coach, this is a very good recruiting class. They are adding a lot of pieces, and in a few years they should help Arizona become a force.”


  • No. 112  Tori Williams, 5’8, PG., Centennial HS, ID
  • No. 183  Dru Gylten, 5’10, PG., St Thomas More, SD
  • No. 206  Jordan Cruz, 5’10, SG., C K McClatchy HS, CA
McCormick: “Utah has gradually moved up in the Pac 12, and this should be another good season for them. They won’t be an easy out for anyone. This is a strong class with three top-notch, fundamentally sound guards who can score.”


  • No. 142  Aubrey Knight, 6’1, WF., Ventura HS, CA
  • No. 159  Annika Jank, 6’3, WF., Edina HS, MN
McCormick: “They have a new coach who is trying to put the Buffaloes back on the map. They actually have a great starting backcourt this year. They beat the bushes on the recruiting trail, and will be adding two sleeper type kids who should really pay dividends in a couple of years.”


  • No. 342  Taryn Shelley, 6’3, C., Shorewood HS, WA
McCormick: “Washington State always has fundamentally sound players, and they do a good job developing post players. Shelley is a good addition, and I think she will improve throughout her career.”



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