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SEC Recruiting Rankings: Version 1.0

The SEC always seems to have talent, and the Class of 2017 will continue that trend.

“They all seemed to load up this year,” said All Star Girls Report analyst Bret McCormick. “In the next few years, you are going to see a number of teams all bunched together at the top, because just about everyone will have talent.”

Here is a team-by-team look at the SEC recruiting classes as ranked by the All Star Girls Report (individual rankings as of Version 1.0), along with comments from McCormick.

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  • No. 1   Evina Westbrook, 6’0, WF., South Salem HS, OR
  • No. 9   Kasiyahna Kushkituah, 6’4, C., St. Francis HS, GA
  • No. 10 Anastasia Hayes, 5’7, PG., Riverdale HS, TN
McCormick: “They got three Top 10 recruits, with an impact wing, post and point guard. Westbrook could become another in the long line of Lady Vol greats. Tennessee back on track, with a class that will really help them jump back into the national spotlight.”


  • No. 35  Alexis Jennings, 6’2, PF., Sparkman HS, AL (Transfer From Kentucky)
  • No. 20  LaDaziah Williams, 6’4, PF., Lakewood Ranch HS, FL
  • No. 29  Bianca Jackson, 6’0, WF, Brewbaker Tech Magnet HS, AL
  • No. 31  Elisia Grissett, 6’1, WF., Hillside HS, NC
  • No. 97  Haley Troup, 5’10, SG., Southside Gadsden HS, AL
McCormick: “South Carolina got a great class with several quality kids who will contribute right away. This class should keep them up with the best programs in the country.”


  • No. 15  Taja Cole, 5’8, PG., Lloyd C Byrd HS, VA (Transfer From Louisville)
  • No. 41  Quannecia Morrison, 5’10, SG., McEachern HS, GA
  • No. 60  Maya Caldwell, 5’11, SG., Davidson Day HS, NC
  • No. 65  Gabby Connally, 5’7, PG., Brandis HS, TX
  • No. 80  Mallury Bates, 6’3, C., William Fleming HS, VA
McCormick: “Joni Taylor and her staff hit the jackpot this year. They recruited a tremendous set of guards, as well as a post player who will definitely help them. Georgia should really move up in the SEC with this class.”


  • No. 35  Chelsie Hall, 5’8, PG., Seffner Christian Academy, FL
  • No. 51  Autumn Newby, 6’2., PF., Archer HS, GA
McCormick: “Vanderbilt has made a great start under Stephanie White. I really think this staff is going to push Vanderbilt up near the top of the SEC. With two Top 50 kids in this class, they are well on their way.”


  • No. 56 JC Amanda Paschal, 5’6, SG., Gulf Coast State College, FL
  • No. 59   Keondra McKinney, 6’1, WF., Miami Country Day HS, FL
  • No. 70   Kameron Roach, 5’6, PG., Lower Richland HS, SC
  • No. 78   Dorie Harrison, 6’3, C., Hillsboro HS, TN
  • No. 92   Tatyana Wyatt, 6’2, WF., Columbus HS, GA
  • No. 442 Ogechi Anyagaligbo, 6’0, PF., Miami Country Day HS, FL
McCormick: “Kentucky went through a rough patch, but their new staff brought in a great group that really fits their system. These kids are long and athletic with high motors. Kentucky is going to be young, but in a few years they should be strong.”


  • No. 46   Jalaysha Thomas, 6’2, PF., West Port HS, FL
  • No. 62   Tameria Johnson, 5’6, PG., West Port HS, FL
  • No. 90   Karissa McLaughlin, 5’8, SG., Fort Wayne Homestead HS, IN
  • No. 139 Mikayla Hayes, 6’2, PF., Park Center HS., MN
  • No. 204 Priscilla Smeenge, 6’0, SG., Southlake Carroll HS, TX
McCormick: “Florida recruited a deep, athletic, versatile group. They covered all their bases. They moved back into the Top 25 last year, and this class should keep them in that territory … or move them up.”


  • No.  5 JC Jonika Garvin, 6’0, SG., Palm Beach State, FL
  • No. 61   Myah Taylor, 5’7, PG., Olive Branch HS, MS
  • No. 66   Nyah Tate, 6’0, SG, Terry HS, MS
  • No. 170 Bre’Amber Scott, 5’10, WF., Little Rock Central HS, AR
McCormick: “This is going to be their year on the court, and then this class is going to re-load their roster. The two in-state guards will be very important to keeping their momentum.”


  • No. 56   Kayla Wells, 6’0, WF., South Grand Prairie HS, TX
  • No. 79   N’Dea Jones, 6’3, PF., Brookwood HS, GA
  • No. 116 Emer Nichols, 6’5, C., Pearland HS, TX
  • No. 136 Jada Walton, 5’11, SG., SW DeKalb HS, GA
McCormick: “They covered the two through five positions. They lost a lot of seniors last year, so they will be solid this year and then this class will give them a good boost next year. These kids fit their system, and they can score the basketball.”

9- LSU

  • No. 33 Raven Farley-Clark, 6’4, PF., Queen of Peace HS, NJ
  • No. 75   Kayla Pointer., 5’6., G, Holy Innocents HS, GA
  • No. 107  Dekeriya Patterson, 5’9, SG, Dunbar, FL
  • No. 131 Jailin Cherry, 5’8., PG., Pascagoula HS, MS
McCormick: “They brought in one post player along with three athletic, strong guards who could become their backcourt of the future. They all have a lot of potential, but Farley-Clark is the true blue chip recruit.”


  • No. 72    Ariyah Copeland, 6’2, PF., Columbus, HS, GA
  • No. 115  Elexis Evans, 6’2, C., Greensboro HS, AL
  • No. 536  Destiney Elliott, 6’0, PF., Oneonta HS, AL (Transfer From Samford)
McCormick: “Alabama has slowly improved under Kristy Curry, and this should be their best year yet. This class has size and talent, and it will keep them heading in the right direction.”


  • No. 113  Elexandria Brown, 5’10., PG., Johnston HS, IA
  • No. 119  Nadia Green, 5’9, SG., Homewood Flossmoor HS, IL
  • No. 173  Lauren Aldridge, 5’7, PG, Marsfield HS, MO (Transfer From Kansas)
  • No. 270  Kelsey Winfrey, 5’9, PG., Lebanon HS, MO
McCormick: “Missouri will have a lot of firepower this year, and this class will help replace the departing senior class. This group has some very skilled guards who fit in the Missouri system.”


  • No. 120  Milicia Reid, 5’7, PG., The Patrick School, NY
  • No  123  Chyna Nixon, 5’11, SG., Neumann Gorretti HS, VA
  • No. 351  Day’Neshia Banks, 6’0, WF., Jean Ribault HS, FL
McCormick: “Mississippi added two top-notch guards who can score the basketball, which will work well in Coach Insell’s system.”


  • No. 104  Unique Thompson, 6’2, PF., Faith Academy HS, AL
  • No. 240  Abigayle Jackson, 6’3, PF., Little Rock Central HS, AR
  • No. 250  Kiyae White, 6’2, PF., Emmanus HS, NJ
McCormick: “They have done a great job of filling their main need. They don’t have a lot of size right now, but this group will add length, and they are athletic enough to fit the Auburn style of play.”


  • No. 168  Macy Weaver, 6’3, PF., Stillman Valley HS, IL
  • No. 259  Grayce Spangler, 6’10, SG., Fayetteville HS, AR
McCormick: “Coach Dykes has slowly built up the Arkansas program, and he got two more high IQ, high character kids. They are going to play hard, and they are going to be good teammates.”

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