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2.0: ASGR Releases Top 75 Recruiting Class Rankings For 2017

Connecticut held off a late push from Tennessee and the Huskies maintained the top spot when the analysts at the All Star Girls Report compiled their 2.0 recruiting class rankings. The big movers from the original rankings were UCLA, Syracuse and Texas A&M.

Here is a look as ASGR’s national Top 75, along with comments from ASGR analyst Bret McCormick.


  • No. 2 Megan Walker, 6’1, WF., Monacan HS, VA
  • No. 4   Mikayla Coombs, 5’10, SG., Wesleyan School, GA
  • No. 11 Lexi Gordon, 6’0, WF., LD Bell HS, TX
  • No. 15 Andrea Espinoza-Hunter, 6’1, SG., Blair Academy, NJ
  • No. 17 Batouly Camara, 6’2, PF., Blair Academy, NJ (Transfer From Kentucky)
  • No. 27 Azura Stevens, 6’4, PF., Cary HS, NC (Transfer From Duke)
McCormick: “I really think this is the No. 1 class in the country. Walker is a kid who could be a program-changer — similar to a Taurasi or a Maya Moore. The two transfers — Camara and Stevens — are both Top 25 type players. The other three high school recruits are all perimeter players, and they are good shooters who are going to help.”


  • No. 1   Evina Westbrook, 6’0, WF., South Salem HS, OR
  • No. 9   Kasiyahna Kushkituah, 6’4, C., St. Francis HS, GA
  • No. 10 Anastasia Hayes, 5’7, PG., Riverdale HS, TN
  • No. 12  Rennia Davis, 6’1, SG., Jean Ribault HS, FL
McCormick: “They got four Top 12 recruits, with an impact wing, post, shooting guard and point guard. Westbrook could become another in the long line of Lady Vol greats. Tennessee back on track, with a class that will really help them jump back into the national spotlight.”

3- TEXAS (Big 12)

  • No. 6  Rellah Booth, 6’2, PF., IMG Academy, FL
  • No. 10  JaTarie White, 6’5, C., Providence Day HS, NC (Transfer From South Carolina)
  • No. 17  Chasity Patterson, 5’6, PG., North Shore HS, TX

McCormick: “Texas has a loaded roster this year, and they will add three great players. They just needed to fill in their spots, and that’s what they are doing …. just re-loading with great players in the frontcourt and the backcourt.”


  • No. 7   Dana Evans, 5’7, PG., Gary Westside HS, IN
  • No. 25 Loretta Kakala, 6’3, C., Manteca HS, CA
  • No. 48 Lindsey Duvall, 5’9, PG., Bulitt East HS, KY
  • NR Taylor Johnson, 5’7,SG., Lincoln Way East HS, IL ( Transfer From Loyola Chicago)

McCormick: “This will be Jeff Walz’s best team this year, and they should be just as good next year. They are adding a great point guard and two other Top 50 prospects. They should be a Top 5 program for quite some time now.”

5- BAYLOR (Big 12)

  • No. 8     Alexis Morris, 5’7, PG., Legacy Christian HS, TX
  • No. 13   Deauzya Richards, 6’2, WF., Cypress Ranch HS, TX
  • No. 74  Cara Ursin, 5’7, SG., Destrahan, LA
  • No. 237 Trinity Oliver, 5’9, SG, Trinity HS, TX
McCormick: “Baylor really followed up on the great class they had last year. They are getting a dynamite point guard and a great wing. Both of them are impact players who will keep Baylor at the top of the conference.”


  • No. 5   Danielle Patterson, 6’2, PF., Mary Louis Academy, NY
  • No. 39 Mikayla Vaughn, 6’3, C., Paul VI Catholic, PA
McCormick: “They are the team to beat this year, and this class is going to keep them strong in the future. They were looking at a hole up front, and they filled it with two quality players.”


  • No. 16   Mikayla Boykin, 5’10, SG, Clinton HS, NC
  • No. 21   Jade Williams, 6’4, PF, Prestonwood HS, TX
  • No. 28   Madison Treece, 6’4, C., Rock Bridge HS, MO
  • No. 43   Jayda Adams, 6’0, SG., Mater Dei HS, CA
  • No. 502 Sofia Roma, 6’2, PF., Nazareth Regional HS, NY (Transfer From Wagner)
McCormick: “Duke has dropped out of the Top 25 this year, but help is on  the way. They are getting four Blue Chip kids who should contribute right away. Duke should be headed back up.”


  • No. 14   Maya Dodson, 6’2, PF., St. Francis HS, GA
  • No. 18   Kianna Williams, 5’7, PG., Wagner HS, TX
  • No. 107 Alyssa Jerome, 6’2, SG., Hatboro Collegiate Institute (CANADA)
  • No. 149 Estella Moschkau, 6’2, WF., Edgewood HS, WI
 McCormick: “This is a great class for Stanford. They have a Top 10 team this year, and this class will allow them to simply re-load. Dodson and Williams are two of the premier players in the country, and the other two are fundamentally sound players who will help.”


  • No. 35  Alexis Jennings, 6’2, PF., Sparkman HS, AL (Transfer From Kentucky)
  • No. 20  LaDaziah Williams, 6’4, PF., Lakewood Ranch HS, FL
  • No. 29  Bianca Jackson, 6’0, WF, Brewbaker Tech Magnet HS, AL
  • No. 31  Elisia Grissett, 6’1, WF., Hillside HS, NC
  • No. 97  Haley Troup, 5’10, SG., Southside Gadsden HS, AL
McCormick: “South Carolina got a great class with several quality kids who will contribute right away. This class should keep them up with the best programs in the country.”

10- UCLA (PAC 12)

  • No. 27   Michaela Onyenwere, 6’0, F, Grandview HS, CO
  • No. 37  Chantel Horvat, 6’0, WF., Canberra, Australia
  • No. 38  Kayla Owens, 6’1, WF, Langham Creek HS, TX
  • No. 44  Lauryn Miller, 6’2, PF, Kirkwood HS, MO
McCormick: “They have a Top 10 team this year, and this group will keep them at that level. These are four very talented six-foot plus recruits with athleticism, skill and character.”


  • No. 2 JC  Tiana Mangakahia, 5’6, PG., Hutchinson CC, KS
  • No. 6 JC  Raven Fox, 5’8, G, Gulf Coast State College, FL
  • No. 32  Digna Strautmane, 6’2, PF., Riga, Latvia
  • No. 34  Maeva Djaldi-Tabdi, 6’3, C., Paris, France
  • No. 58  Amaya Finklea-Guity, 6’3, C., Noble & Greenough HS, MA
  • No. 69  Diaby Kariata, 6’5 C., Ivory Coast, France
  • No. 112 Isis Young, 5’7, PG., Trenton Catholic HS, NJ (Transfer From Florida)
  • No. 117 Shanique Edwards, 6’2, PF., Grand Street Campus, NY
  • No. 173 Nikki Oppenheimer, 5’8, PG., Montini Catholic HS, IL
  • No. 360 Jasmine Nwajel, 5’7, PG., The Mary Louis Academy, (Transfer From Wagner)
  • NR      Miranda Drummond, 6’2, WF., Harpursville, HS, NY (Transfer From St Bonaventure)
McCormick: “They used their great 2015-16 season on the recruiting trail. They added two very good post players from France, an outstanding European point guard, and a number of transfers who will provide quick help.”


  • No.  3     Chennedy Carter, 5’9, PG., Mansfield Timberview HS, TX
  • No. 56   Kayla Wells, 6’0, WF., South Grand Prairie HS, TX
  • No. 79   N’Dea Jones, 6’3, PF., Brookwood HS, GA
  • No. 116 Emer Nichols, 6’5, C., Pearland HS, TX
  • No. 136 Jada Walton, 5’11, SG., SW DeKalb HS, GA
McCormick: “They covered the one through five positions. They lost a lot of seniors last year, so they will be solid this year and then this class will give them a good boost next year. These kids fit their system, and they can score the basketball. Carter is the top point guard in the country, and she should cover that spot for the next four years.”


  • No. 15  Taja Cole, 5’8, PG., Lloyd C Byrd HS, VA (Transfer From Louisville)
  • No. 41  Quannecia Morrison, 5’10, SG., McEachern HS, GA
  • No. 60  Maya Caldwell, 5’11, SG., Davidson Day HS, NC
  • No. 65  Gabby Connally, 5’7, PG., Brandis HS, TX
  • No. 80  Mallury Bates, 6’3, C., William Fleming HS, VA
McCormick: “Joni Taylor and her staff hit the jackpot this year. They recruited a tremendous set of guards, as well as a post player who will definitely help them. Georgia should really move up in the SEC with this class.”

14- USC (PAC 12)

  • No. 19  Ayanna Clark, 6’3, PF., Long Beach Poly HS, CA
  • No. 26  Destiny Littleton, 5’9, SG., The Bishop’s School, CA
  • No. 64  Shalexxus Aaron, 6’2, SG., MLK HS, WA
 McCormick: “Cynthia Cooper has really loaded up with this class. They are bringing in two tremendous recruits from Southern California, and Aaron is very talented. This is the type of class they need to compete for the Pac 12 title.”


  • No. 30  Alaysia Styles, 6’2, WF., La Jolla Country Day HS, CA
  • No. 50  Kianna Smith, 5’11, SG., Troy HS, CA
McCormick: “Cal always does a great job recruiting, and they have a talented roster this year. These two California kids are both coming off of great summers. They are long, athletic, skilled kids who should make major contributions.”


  • No. 35  Chelsie Hall, 5’8, PG., Seffner Christian Academy, FL
  • No. 51  Autumn Newby, 6’2., PF., Archer HS, GA
McCormick: “Vanderbilt has made a great start under Stephanie White. I really think this staff is going to push Vanderbilt up near the top of the SEC. With two Top 50 kids in this class, they are well on their way.”


  • No. 56 JC Amanda Paschal, 5’6, SG., Gulf Coast State College, FL
  • No. 59   Keondra McKinney, 6’1, WF., Miami Country Day HS, FL
  • No. 70   Kameron Roach, 5’6, PG., Lower Richland HS, SC
  • No. 78   Dorie Harrison, 6’3, C., Hillsboro HS, TN
  • No. 92   Tatyana Wyatt, 6’2, WF., Columbus HS, GA
  • No. 442 Ogechi Anyagaligbo, 6’0, PF., Miami Country Day HS, FL

McCormick: “Kentucky went through a rough patch, but their new staff brought in a great group that really fits their system. These kids are long and athletic with high motors. Kentucky is going to be young, but in a few years they should be strong.”


  • No. 46   Jalaysha Thomas, 6’2, PF., West Port HS, FL
  • No. 62   Tameria Johnson, 5’6, PG., West Port HS, FL
  • No. 90   Karissa McLaughlin, 5’8, SG., Fort Wayne Homestead HS, IN
  • No. 139 Mikayla Hayes, 6’2, PF., Park Center HS., MN
  • No. 204 Priscilla Smeenge, 6’0, SG., Southlake Carroll HS, TX
  • NR        Funda Nakkasoglu, 5’8, PG (Transfer from Utah State)
McCormick: “Florida recruited a deep, athletic, versatile group. They covered all their bases. They moved back into the Top 25 last year, and this class should keep them in that territory … or move them up.”


  • No. 63 Taylor Mason, 5’9, SG., Norcross HS, GA
  • No. 77 Endia Banks, 5’9, SG., Duluth HS, GA
  • No. 84   Kelsey Marshall, 5’10, G., Miami Country Day HS, FL
  • No. 93 Mykea Gray, 5’6, PG., National Christian Academy, MD
  • No. 95 Rebecca Ripley, 5’11, WF., New Hampton HS, MA
McCormick: “Miami will be powered by veterans this year, and this group will be ready to replace that group. They are very good at scoring the basketball, and they play fast.”


  • No.  5 JC Jonika Garvin, 6’0, SG., Palm Beach State, FL
  • No. 61   Myah Taylor, 5’7, PG., Olive Branch HS, MS
  • No. 66   Nyah Tate, 6’0, SG, Terry HS, MS
  • No. 170 Bre’Amber Scott, 5’10, WF., Little Rock Central HS, AR
McCormick: “This is going to be their year on the court, and then this class is going to re-load their roster. The two in-state guards will be very important to keeping their momentum.”

21- LSU (SEC)

  • No. 33  Raven Farley-Clark, 6’4, PF., Queen of Peace, NJ
  • No. 75   Kayla Pointer., 5’6., G, Holy Innocents HS, GA
  • No. 107  Dekeriya Patterson, 5’9, SG, Dunbar, FL
  • No. 131 Jailin Cherry, 5’8., PG., Pascagoula HS, MS
McCormick: “They brought in one post player along with three athletic, strong guards who could become their backcourt of the future. They all have a lot of potential, but Farley-Clark is the true blue chip recruit.”


  • No. 10 JC Joanna Grymek, 6’7, C., Seward County CC, KS
  • No. 57   Taya Corosdale, 6’2, PF., Bothell HS, WA
  • No. 101 Aleah Goodman, 5’9, PG., LaSalle Prep, OR
McCormick: “They lost a number of good players from last year, but they have an outstanding program in place. The two high school players are fundamentally sound, scoring kids who they love. Their staff does a great job with developing post players.”


  • No. 22   Sidney Cooks, 6’4, PF., St. Joseph’s Academy, WI
  • No. 84   Shay Colley, 5’8, PG (Transfer from Pittsburgh)
  • No. 167 Claire Hendrickson, 5’11, PG., Wyoming Park HS, MI
McCormick: “The have some good pieces in place, and adding Cooks gives them another quality player. She could come in and start as a freshman.”


  • No. 23    Jaelynn Penn, 5’10, SG., Louisville Butler HS, KY
  • No. 108  Bendu Yeaney, 5’10, SG., Potland, St. Mary’s, OR
  • No. 126  Keyanna Warthen, 5’10, SG., Ft. Lauderdale HS, FL
  • No. 185  Alexis Johnson, 6’2, WF., Kinkaid HS, TX
  • No. 201  Lindsey Marchese, 6’3, C., Archer HS, GA
McCormick: “This is a great class for Indiana, which comes on the heels of some success on the court. This is a program that is really on the rise.”


  • No. 47  Kierra Fletcher, 5’8, SG., Warren Cousino HS, MI
  • No. 88  Daijah Jefferson, 6’3, WF., Hopewell HS, VA
  • No 129 Taja Cummings, 5’4, PG., St. Francis HS, GA
  • No. 295 Charon Sweeney, 5’3, PG, Toledo Rogers HS, OH (Transfer From Eastern Michigan)
McCormick: “Georgia Tech really helped their perimeter with this class. This is a very athletic group, and they can score.”


  • No. 24   Janelle Bailey, 6’3, C., Providence Day School, NC
  • No. 125 Jaelyn Murray, 6’2, PF., Dreher HS, SC
  • No. 225  Leah Church, 5’6,PG., Forest Hill Academy, NC
McCormick: “This program has been through a lot, and they are really young this year, but they have a bright future. Bailey is a very talented post player, and I think they will be prominent again in a couple of years.”


  • No. 68   Ashley Jones, 5’7, PG., Numann Goretti HS, PA
  • No. 86  Destiny Harden, 5’11, SG., Morgan Park HS, IL
  • No. 135  Makayla Stanley, 6’3, PF., Glen Allen HS, VA
McCormick: “They had a good season with a young team last year, so there is a lot of excitement there right now. The two guards they are adding are definitely players who will help right away next year.”


  • No. 84   Natalie Romeo, 5’9, PG., Carondelet HS, CA (Transfer From Nebraska)
  • No. 103 Kierra Collier, 5’7, PG., Truman HS, KS
  • No. 219  Khayla Rooks, 6’0, WF., Mission Hills, KS
McCormick: “They are coming off a great year, and they still have Kelsey Plum, so they will be tough to beat again. This group has three good perimeter players. Romeo is a proven player who can really shoot the ball, and she and Collier could be their backcourt of the future.”


  • No. 8     Courtney Ekmark, 6’0, SG., Home School, AZ (Transfer From UCONN)
  • No. 110 Eva Rubin, 6’5, C Homewood Flossmoor HS, (IL)
  • No. 188 Bre’Yanna Sanders 5’11, WF., Clovis West HS, CA
McCormick: “They have a lot of pieces back this year, so they will be very, very competitive. Ekmark is a player who should make a big splash. They are also adding a good post player with great height, and they use those players well. This class will keep them in the upper echelon of the Pac 12.”


  • No. 49    Ana Llanusa, 5’11, SG., Choctaw HS, OK
  • No. 187  Shaina Pellington, 5’8, SG., Dunbarton HS, (CANADA)
  • No. 329  Mandy Simpson, 6’1, PF., Boise HS, ID

McCormick: “Oklahoma has a lot of firepower this year, and this is a strong group that really fits their system. They can all score, and they are tough to matchup with.”


  • No. 94  Deja Church, 5’10, SG., Southfield Lathrup HS, MI
  • No. 96  Hailey Brown, 6’2, PF, St Thomas More (CANADA)
McCormick: “Kim Barnes-Arico is slowly building the program, and they could make it into the Top 25 this year. They have added two more pieces to the puzzle with this class.”


No. 5       Gabby Green, 6’2, SG., St. Mary’s College, CA (Transfer From California)
No. 192   Jasmine Jones, 6’0, PF., Long Beach Poly HS, CA
No. 403   Josie Buckingham, 6’5, C., New Richmond HS, OH (Transfer From Minnesota)
No. 556   Chelsey Gipson, 5’7, PG., Windward Academy, CA
McCormick: “Having Gabby Green transfer is a program changer. They are also adding a true low post presence with experience, and the two high school players are quality recruits.”


  • No. 98     Maria Paula Albiero, 5’7, PG., Word of God HS, NC
  • No. 100   Sara Hamson, 6’7, C., Pleasant Grove, UT
  • No. 427   Paisley Johnson, 5’9, PG., Glacier Peak HS, WA
McCormick: “This is an outstanding class for BYU. Albiero is originally from Brazil, and Hamson is also very talented … and 6-7! They should be challenging for the conference title in the next few years.”

34- ARIZONA (PAC 12)

  • No. 55    Samantha Thomas, 6’0, SG., Centennial HS, NV
  • No. 134  Mallory Vaughn, 6’4, C., Collinsville HS, OK
  • No. 196  Marlee Kyles, 5’7, PG., Larkin HS, IL
  • No. 321  Kiana Chew, 6’3, PF., Palm Harbor University, FL
McCormick: “Adia Barnes has put together a tremendous staff, and for a first-year coach, this is a very good recruiting class. They are adding a lot of pieces, and in a few years they should help Arizona become a force.”


  • No. 82    Tamara Farquhar, 6’0, WF., Dawson HS, (CANADA)
  • No. 127  Dani Lawson, 6’2, PF., Hathaway Brown HS, OH
  • No. 243  Le’ony Boudreau, 5’9, PG., Dawson HS, (CANADA)
McCormick: “They should have a good season with a veteran roster, and Farquhar is the star of the class. She is a great athlete with skills, and she should have a major impact next year. The other two kids will help their future. Lawson will shore up the frontcourt, and Boudreau is a fundamentally sound point guard.”


  • No. 76 Kai Crutchfield, 5’9, SG, Millbrook HS, NC
  • No. 148  Kayla Jones, 6’1, SG., Riverside HS, NC
McCormick: “They have a strong team coming back, and Wes Moore is a great coach. They only have one kid so far, but she is a good, scoring guard.”


  • No. 72    Ariyah Copeland, 6’2, PF., Columbus, HS, GA
  • No. 536  Destiney Elliott, 6’0, PF., Oneonta HS, AL (Transfer From Samford)
McCormick: “Alabama has slowly improved under Kristy Curry, and this is another strong year. This class has size and talent, and it will keep them heading in the right direction.”


  • No. 89    Janeen Camp, 6’5, C., Woodrow Wilson, HS, VA
  • No. 148  Dazia Powell, 5’9, PG., Millbrook HS, NC
  • No. 226  Dejah Carter, 6’3, C., Tazewell County HS, VA
  • No. 705  Danae Camp, 6’3, C., Woodrow Wilson, HS, VA
  • NR         Kelly Lofton, 5’11, SG., Mt Vernon HS, VA (Transfer From Hofstra)
McCormick: “ODU is doing well, and this is a great class. Janeen Camp could be special, and Powell is a very, very good guard. They could both start immediately.”

39- KANSAS (BIG 12)

  • No. 34  Sydney Umeri, 6’2, PF., The Lovette School, GA (Transfer From Virginia)
  • No. 36   Micaela Wilson, 6’2, WF., Rayville HS, LA
  • No. 181  Brittany Franklin, 6’5, C., Plymouth HS, NC
McCormick: “Umeri is a fifth-year transfer who is eligible right away. She is a blue collar, do everything type of player. Franklin is a post presence that will certainly help. Kansas is another team that is on the rise.”


  • No. 113  Elexandria Brown, 5’10., PG., Johnston HS, IA
  • No. 119  Nadia Green, 5’9, SG., Homewood Flossmoor HS, IL
  • No. 173  Lauren Aldridge, 5’7, PG, Marsfield HS, MO (Transfer From Kansas)
  • No. 270  Kelsey Winfrey, 5’9, PG., Lebanon HS, MO
McCormick: “Missouri will have a lot of firepower this year, and this class will help replace the departing senior class. This group has some very skilled guards who fit in the Missouri system.”

41- VCU (A-10)

  • No. 99     Taya Robinson, 5’10, PG., Huguenot HS, VA
  • No. 150   Sydnie Archie, 5’11, SG., St Cahterine’s HS, VA
  • No. 157   Tera Reed, 6’2, SG., Life Center Acadmey, NJ
  • No. 296   Delphynia Sparks, 5’10, PG., Monsignor Scanlon HS, NY
  • No. 456   Madison Covington, 5’11., SG., CE Ellison HS, NY
  • NR           Chloe Molloy, 5’7, PG., Melbourne, Australia
McCormick: “VCU has added three very good guards. Robinson, Archie and Reed are all BCS level players. Those kids can help move then up to the top of the A-10.”


  • No. 53   Channise Lewis, 5’8, PG., Miami Country Day, FL
  • No. 235  Jnaya Walker, 6’1, SG., Bolingbrook HS, IL
McCormick: “They have gotten through a tough time at Illinois, but they seem to be moving forward. This is another strong class, so they have put together a few of those now. Look for the Fighting Illini to be moving up.”


  • No. 84   Cymone Goodrich, 5’10, PG., South Shore International, IL
  • No. 215 Rachel Ranke, 6’1, SG., Eastview HS, MN
  • No. 221  Mary Lakes, 6’4, C., Manual Academy, IL
  • No. 258 Ashley Ray, 6’4, C., Girard HS, KS
McCormick: “They have added some backcourt help that will make a difference down the road, as well as two strong post players, and they are joining a strong squad this year.”


  • No. 91   Taylor Brown, 6’0, WF., Eastside HS, NJ (Transfer From Clemson)
  • No. 178  Kimi Evans, 6’3, C., St. John Vianney HS, NJ
  • No. 207 Selena Philoxy, 6’1, PF., South Shore HS, NY
McCormick: “They have had a good run, but they have lost a strong group of seniors heading into this year. This recruiting class will give them a veteran perimeter player, plus a pair of talented frontcourt players.”


  • No. 109  Lauryn Satterwhite, 5’8, PG., Westview HS, AZ
  • No. 123   Lindsay Pulliam, 5’10, SG., Good Counsel HS, MD
  • No. 177   Jordan Hamilton, 5’8, PG, Frisco Liberty HS, TX
McCormick: “Northwestern had a strong year last season, and they should be good again this year. They are adding three superior players to their backcourt, and they should provide an immediate impact.”


  • No. 120  Milicia Reid, 5’7, PG., The Patrick School, NY
  • No  123  Chyna Nixon, 5’11, SG., Neumann Gorretti HS, VA
  • No. 351  Day’Neshia Banks, 6’0, WF., Jean Ribault HS, FL
McCormick: “Mississippi added two top-notch guards who can score the basketball, which will work well in Coach Insell’s system.”


  • No. 118 Gina Conti, 5’10, SG., Grove City HS, OH
  • No. 156  Maya Banks, 6’4, C., Hamilton HS, AZ
McCormick: “Wake Forest is a program on the rise, and I think they might surprise some people this year. Conti, in my opinion, is an undervalued talent who should contribute immediately.”


  • No. 104  Unique Thompson, 6’2, PF., Faith Academy HS, AL
  • No. 240  Abigayle Jackson, 6’3, PF., Little Rock Central HS, AR
  • No. 250  Kiyae White, 6’2, PF., Emmanus HS, NJ
McCormick: “They have done a great job of filling their main need. They don’t have a lot of size right now, but this group will add length, and they are athletic enough to fit the Auburn style of play.”


  • No. 121  Kristin Scott, 6’2, PF., Kasson Mantorville HS, MN
  • No. 153  Raeannah Johnson, 5’7, PG., St Michaels Albertville HS, MN
  • No. 162  Madison Wise, 6’0, WF., Greenfield HS, IN
McCormick: “Iowa State seems to be bouncing back, and these three players will help continue that trend. This trio really fits their system well.”


  • No. 122   Abby Meyers, 6’0, SG., Walt Whitman HS, MD
  • No. 171   McKenna Haire, 5’11, PG, Myers Park HS, NC
  • No. 347   Carlie Littlefield, 5’9, PG., Waukee HS, IA
  • No. 349   Sydney Boyer, 6’0, WF., Oaks Christian HS, CA
McCormick: “This is an outstanding class, and Meyers is the headliner. She is a scorer who had some impressive offers. These four should all contribute right away.”

51- UTAH (PAC 12)

  • No. 112  Tori Williams, 5’8, PG., Centennial HS, ID
  • No. 183  Dru Gylten, 5’10, PG., St Thomas More, SD
  • No. 206  Jordan Cruz, 5’10, SG., C K McClatchy HS, CA
McCormick: “Utah has gradually moved up in the Pac 12, and this should be another good season for them. They won’t be an easy out for anyone. This is a strong class with three top-notch, fundamentally sound guards who can score.”


  • No. 133   N’Dea Flye, 5’8, PG., Oregon City HS, OR
  • No. 154   Madison Washington, 5’8, SG., Red Oak HS, TX
  • No. 258   Tesha Buck, 5’11, SG., Red Wing HS, MN (Transfer From Wisconsin Green Bay)
  • No. 445   Antonia Anderson, 6’2, SG., Cibolo Steele HS, TX
  • No. 459   Tatiana Wright, 5’10, SG., McKinney North HS, TX
  • NR            Jaedyn DeLaCerda, 5’8, G., Roswell HS, NM

McCormick: “Coach Bradbury hit a home run with this recruiting class. They are adding a lot of perimeter firepower. Flye is an very athletic guard, and Buck is a great shooter.”


  • No. 12 JC  Maria Morales Castro, 5’11, WF, Gulf Coast State College, FL
  • No. 124  Braxtin Miller, 5’9, PG., Kettering Alter HS, OH
  • No. 232  Abbie Winchester, 6’1, PF., Heritage Hall HS, OK
McCormick: “They got a scoring wing who will help immediately. They are also signing a tough, smart point guard, and a post player who really fits their system.”


  • No. 158  Lena Niang, 6’1, PF., Riverdale Baptist HS, MD (Transfer From NC State)
  • No. 183  Breanna Perry, 6’1, PF., Flushing HS, MI
  • No. 195  Desiree Oliver, 5’7, PG., Penn Hills HS, PA
  • No. 261  Mia Davis, 5’11, PF., St Francis Academy, MD
  • No. 278  Tajae Stevenson, 6’0, PF., John F Kennedy HS, NJ
  • No. 347  Emani Mayo, 5’8, SG., Hepzibah HS, GA
McCormick: “Temple got some good players, including Niang, the transfer from NC State. Oliver will be a solid point guard, and then they brought in four kids who are three-four’s who will provide versatility.”


  • No. 137   LeeAnne Wirth, 6’3, PF., Seton Catholic HS, AZ
  • No. 156   Jennifer Wirth, 6’2, WF, Seton Catholic HS, AZ
  • No. 280   Louise Forsyth, 6’0, WF, Brookswood Secondary, (CANADA)
  • No. 325   Jill Townsend, 5’11, SG, Okanogan, HS, WA
McCormick: “The twins will give them a lot of versatility. These kids all have strong skill sets, and they can play multiple positions, so it’s a tremendous class.”


  • No. 142  Aubrey Knight, 6’1, WF., Ventura HS, CA
  • No. 159  Annika Jank, 6’3, WF., Edina HS, MN
McCormick: “They have a new coach who is trying to put the Buffaloes back on the map. They actually have a great starting backcourt this year. They beat the bushes on the recruiting trail, and will be adding two sleeper type kids who should really pay dividends in a couple of years.”


  • No. 25 JC  Kyeria Hannah, 6’1, WF., Butler CC, KS
  • No. 190  Lauren Heard, 5’9, PG., Denton Guyer HS, TX

McCormick: “This should be a very strong class for TCU. Heard is a good, scoring point guard, and Hannah has a lot of talent.”

58- PENN (IVY)

  • No. 71    Eleah Parker, 6’4, C., Northside Christian Academy, NC
  • No. 330  Michae Jones, 5’9, PG., E D White Catholic, LA
  • No. 343   Katie Kinum, 5’8, PG., New Providence, NJ
  • No. 755   Christina Dicindio, 6’1, C., West Winsdor Plainsboro HS, NJ
McCormick: “Penn is on a roll in the Ivy League, and this class could keep that going. Eleah Parker is a huge get, and they added some other good pieces.”


  • No. 160 Cara Judkins, 6’3., C Our Lady of Good Counsel, MD
  • No. 162 Jaala Henry, 6’3, PF., National Christian Academy, MD
  • No. 334 Angelique Rodriguez, 5’11, WF., Capital Prep, CT
McCormick: “Pittsburgh is a team that can beat just about anyone on a given night, and this class will really help their frontcourt. That has been a weak spot for them, and this group will be a big help.”


  • No. 174   Jadyn Bush, 6’0, WF., Blanchet HS, WA
  • No. 193   Rachel Levy, 6’2, PF, Boca Raton HS, FL
  • No. 251   Grace Tworek, 6’1, PF, Fremd HS, IL
  • No. 293   Maddie Stuhlreye, 6’4, C., Ursuline Academy HS, OH
McCormick: “Harvard really solidified the frontcourt and they added a lot of size. All four kids have great potential, so this class should help Harvard compete for the top spot in the Ivy League.”


  • No. 191  Mariah Linney, 5’9, SG., Goose Creek HS, SC
  • No. 254  Junajah Somerville, 5’9, SG., Lake Taylor HS, VA
  • No. 406  Octavia Wilson, 5’8, SG., Eleanor Roosevelt HS, MD
  • No. 447  Lyrissa Deans, 6’3, PF., Bishop Ireton HS, MD
McCormick: “Charlotte should have a good season on the court, and this class should keep that momentum going. Linney had a great summer, Somerville got a lot of BCS looks, and the other two kids should also impact the program.”


  • No. 179 Jada Stinson, 5’7, PG., Elizabethtown HS, KY
  • No. 209 Alana Davis, 6’2, C Cross Creek HS, GA
  • No. 416 Finess Dickson, 5’7, PG., Homewood Flossmoor HS, IL
McCormick: “Memphis got two quick, speedy guards who can break down defenses. Davis is something of a sleeper with great hands the ability to score inside.”


  • No. 168  Macy Weaver, 6’3, PF., Stillman Valley HS, IL
  • No. 259  Grayce Spangler, 6’10, SG., Fayetteville HS, AR

McCormick: “Coach Dykes has slowly built up the Arkansas program, and he got two more high IQ, high character kids. They are going to play hard, and they are going to be good teammates.”


  • No. 146   Tea Adams, 5’9, PG., Juanita HS, WA
  • No. 181   Naje’ Murray, 5’6, PG., St Mary’s Stockton HS, CA
  • No. 302   Kiara Edwards, 6’1, PF., Valley Vista HS, AZ
  • No. 543   Kennedi Villa, 5’11, SG., St Mary’s College, CA

McCormick: “Adams and Murray are BCS caliber prospects. They can both score, and they will both have an immediate impact.”


  • No. 45   Aisha Shepperd, 5’11, SG., St. Johns College, VA
  • No. 316 Sierra Votaw, 6’3, PF., Harrells Christian HS, NC
  • No. 601 Michelle Berry, 6’2, WF., Miami Country Day HS, FL (Transfer From Cal State Fullerton
McCormick: “This is Kenny Brooks’ first year, and he came through with a commitment from Shepperd. That will help get things going, and he will get it done in a couple of years.”


  • No. 52    Cabria Lee, 5’7, SG., Northeast HS, FL
  • No. 379  Callie Cavanaugh, 6’2, PF., Holyoke HS, MA
  • No. 712  Shionna Banks, 6’3, C., South Charletston HS, WV
McCormick: “New head coach Tiara Malcolm is starting with a tremendous class. Lee is an outstanding guard who wanted to stay close to home. Lee should start from Day One. Cavanaugh is another key recruit who is something of a sleeper.”


  • No. 67  Julia Blackshell-Fair, 5’10, SG., Vanden HS, CA
McCormick: “Blackshell-Fair is a great athlete who will have a major impact at Houston.”


  • No. 83  Taylor Kissinger, 6’0 SG., Minden HS, NE
McCormick: “Amy Williams has a really good team coming back for her first season. Kissinger is an in-state kid who fits their system, and she can score the basketball.”


  • No. 85  Destiny Pitts, 5’11, WF., Detroit Country Day HS, MI
McCormick: “Pitts is a good athlete who can score, so she is a player who can help move Minnesota forward. This is a solid program, and one of the schools that makes the Big Ten so tough.”


  • No. 87  Jinaya Houston, 6’1, WF., Davenport North HS, IA

McCormick: “Iowa has been a constant under Lisa Bluder — they are going to be fundamental and tough to beat. Houston is a skilled player, and she will bring a little more atheticism to the team.”


  • No. 91  Lyndsey Whilby, 6’0, WF., McEachren HS, GA
McCormick: “Texas Tech should be headed to one of their best seasons in recent years, and Whilby is a scoring machine who will fit in with what they have coming back. They are going to be a force to be reckoned with.”


  •  No. 102  Qadashah Hoppie, 5’9, PG., The Patrick School, NJ
  • NR            Kayla Charles, 6’3, PF., Bryant HS, NY
McCormick: “St. John’s should have a good year. They are losing a couple of guards, so Hoppie will have a chance to step right now. Charles is a long, athletic sleeper post who should really help them. These are two excellent finds for St. John’s.”


  • No. 105  Sayawani Lassiter, 5’10, SG., Newton North HS, MA
McCormick: “Florida State should be headed for a great year on the court, and Lassiter is the type of scoring guard who fits well in their system.”


  • No. 108  Kendall Shaw, 6’4, C., Barber Hill HS, TX (Transfer From Vanderbilt)
McCormick: “They have a new coach in Jonathan Tsipsis, and he will have them going in a couple of years. He needs some players, and Shaw is a good first step to get them moving up in the conference.”


  • No. 143  Vanessa Blagmon, 5’8, PG., Norcross HS, GA
  • No. 470 Alyssa Radar, 6’1, PF, Horizon HS, CO (Transfer From Northern Arizona)
McCormick: “Blagmon is an athletic, scoring guard who had a good summer. She will fit into that system well. Radar, in my opinion, is way better than most people think. She will surprise people.”

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